Monday, May 31, 2010

TOC wayang, SEX & why Temasek Review the Apprentice is now the Master

Less than 12 hours ago, Andrew Loh of The Online Citizen posted an update saying they were going on an "indefinite break". Co-incidentally, there is a banner asking for donations.

Money problems? Does this explain TOC's articles asking for donations of late? The hint of trouble was when TOC started doing lifestyle stories, including articles by a SEXologist on matters like vaginismus, vulvas and vaginas.[don't worry, these are safe for work]

Before you mistake me as being un-AWARE (the new old one, not the old new one), I can tell you that SEX is fine in the "fine" city of Singapore, unless you are doing it the wrong way according to the law. BTW, I always answer "Yes please" when filling up surveys.

For a political site like TOC, their deviation from previous behaviour suggests they needed eyeballs. And what better way to drive eyeballs than sex 'n' lifestyle.

Temasek Review on the other hand was smarter. They grabbed people by the eyeballs early on, and then moved into more serious political commentary. The Apprentice is now the Master.

So let's see what happens. Or is it all the inevitable progression of SEX, LIES and ROCK & ROLL!